Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Real Whole Body MRI


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Book Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional (01 August, 2007)
ISBN: 0071498672
Book author: Mathias Goyen
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All the clinical applications of whole-body MRI-together in one essential reference for the first time
Superbly illustrated, and written by leading experts who helped establish MRI as a diagnostic tool, this clinically relevant resource puts whole-body MRI into perspective like no other text. The first section covers the technical requirements of whole-body MRI, along with its principles and associated data processing. Subsequent sections offer a practical look at all aspects of whole-body MRI from a clinical perspective-including its use in patients with peripheral arterial occlusive disease and in metastasis screening.

The only hands-on approach to the evolving field of whole-body MRI-filled with tools to optimize whole-body MRI technology in the patient care setting
Complete coverage of all the latest whole-body MRI technical requirements, principles, and associated data processing
Richly illustrated presentation of the clinical areas of cardiovascular investigation and musculoskeletal diseases
Overview of oncological whole-body imaging that addresses the comparison of whole-body MRI with bone scintigraphy in the detection of bone metastases, and with FDG-PET as it relates to whole-body staging
Detailed review of both the clinical and experimental questions concerning whole-body MRI
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Real Whole Body MRI


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